MultiGP EU Championship

Thank you to all who paticipated to the short noticed Kick-Off meeting late November. I re watched the recording and found we are on a pretty clear road on how to get a European MultiGP Championship started:

For Qualifications we should use the GQ – System. Either a 1:1 adoption with GQ track to get our pilots the chance to compare with international pilots or maybe an own EU Track. That, of course, would have to be discussed with MGP heads!
For Championships we might modify or differ a bit from the official rules. This year, the multi track rules generated some backlash and affected results.

We learned, not every race organizer has the funding to pay for a full set of MultiGP track. Option one would be a founding campaign to get sponsors on our side and provide participating organizers with a free set of track equipment or open in the first year to allow non-MPG conform gates to be used until the EU part of this series gets more attention by pilots and sponsors.

For further communication I set up an Discord channel. Please read the instructions in the welcome channel!

Last I’d like to ask for another survey to see how many of you could run a race with MGP gates right now, how many sets would have to be purchased and how many pilots we could expect.